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Tae Bo Cardio Circuit 1

Billy Blanks

This is closer to the energy of the original live videos than more recent videos. Circuit 1 has about 30 minutes of cardio, but at a much brisker, more intense level than Capture the Power, so that in effect it's like a quick version of a Taebo advanced video or an advanced version of a Taebo basic. There's a sense that he assumes you know most of his repertoire of moves and don't need to be shown a lot of slow-time demos. He goes from upper body--a variety of punches--to abdomen--lots of torso twists and leg lifts--to lower body--roundhouses, sidekicks and front/back kicks, then back to stomach. There are a lot of torso twists. Nothing new about the moves, but again, the presentation seems fresh and the pace is brisk and efficient. The GT music track cuts his cardio routine off at the 30-minute mark; I wished it were longer!
His particular quirk in this video: he mentions Julianne's caesarian childbirth twice in terms of how great her abs are now.
The set is a bit different and slightly more sci-fi-ish than in Capture the Power; the music is similar to that of CTP but faster and jazzier. No, still not the great music of the live series.

This is a great video for getting a good 30-minute cardio workout of standard taebo moves neatly segmented into four parts.

Instructor comments: Billy is much closer to his Advanced Live self than he was in Capture the Power. He offers a lot of new visual metaphors to help you make the moves more effective, too.



I am a beginner-to-intermediate level exerciser. I really liked this video as it made me sweat and burn a lot of calories. Billy covers Upper Body, Abs and Lower Body. The moves are first done at a slow pace followed by fast pace. This is my first Tae Bo video and it wasn't difficult to follow.
The music isn't great. There are many different exercisers in the background, I preferred to follow the girl who was doing the counting.
Overall, this is a great workout for burning a good number of calories in 30 mins. I would recommend it.

Instructor comments: I felt Billy's cuing could have been better. He doesn't do all the moves himself.



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