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Tae Bo Believer's Workout: Strength

Billy Blanks

Length: about 30 minutes
Intensity: Low intermediate

Billy takes it MUCH slower in this workout than in the Advanced Live videos with which I am familiar. He takes time to show you the moves in slow motion, then speeds it up, but the speed is never as fast as in Advanced Live.
There is a LOT of standing ab work, a lot of punches, and only a little kicking. There is about 6 minutes of floor legs and abs, but not enought to really feel the burn. The stretch at the end is quite good, tho he could hold the streches a little longer.

What really makes this workout special is the Christan focus that it has. I really feel Billy enjoyed making this workout, and enjoys talking to the audience about getting strength you need from 'The Greater One" which he explains is different for everyone, but for him it is Jesus Christ. If I weren't Christian, this workout would make me feel a little uncomfortable because it is VERY religious. It is almost exercise-as-worship. At the end Billy makes an inspirational talk and then turns it over to his daughter Shelly who concludes with a very moving prayer.

My fitness level is low advanced, and this is a keeper for me for a day I want TaeBo but don't want to really work my butt off. Its also for a day I want to feel uplifted and positive. I really admire Billy for having the guts to make this workout and really live his faith.

Instructor comments: Billy is exceptional in this workout. You really get to see the "real" Billy Blanks, and that is the Christian man that he is.
He is so motivational and encouraging. I was awed.

Peggy Elliott

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