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TaeBo Amped Fat Burn Accelerator

Billy Blanks

This workout utilizes the "amped bar" which looks like a short Body Bar or a FIRM Sculpting Stick. The difference is that you can twist it to make it longer. It weighs 3 pounds. This workout uses the stick for 99% of the workout. There is very little kicking in this workout, most of the workout is different upper body and core moves using the bar. In typical Taebo style, you do it first slowly, then at "amped" speed. I preferred to do mine at "Peg speed" and not hurt myself. Seriously - the amped speed is insane. I got an awesome workout with this DVD and was sweating nicely at the end. I can tell I will feel it in my arms tomorrow. Its AMAZING how heavy 3 pounds gets when you are waving it around for an hour!! On some of the shoulder moves I had to grab 2# weights instead. Really, the whole workout could be done with light dumbbells. Some of the moves didn't translate too well, such as speedbag with the bar. For those, I did curls with the bar while jogging in place. I never met a workout I didn't modify - LOL!!
This workout has breathed some new life into my workout options. I have always liked cardio with light weights, ever since the very old but lovable 29 Minute Step Workout, and this one fits the bill. Next time I will wear my HRM to get a calorie burn estimate, but my guess is it is over 300 for sure.
Workout type: weighted kickboxing
Length: Just under an hour
Exercisers: Billy and his daughter Shellie and a large variety of background exercisers.
Set: Red carpet Taebo Set
Difficulty: Intermediate

Shelly is in this workout and does the variation without the amped bar. She has given birth within the last year and she looks amazing. What an inspiration she is!!
All in all, this was a fun workout. The time flew by, I got my heart rate up and sweated a lot. Modify this one and have a great time. You can get the DVDs separately on Amazon without the stick for a good price. This one is a keeper.
Grade: A-, only due to the super fast moves.

Instructor comments: He seems to have even counting in this one. Still goes way too fast, though. I love him, anyway.

Peggy T

January, 2009

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