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Tae Bo Amped Rockin Abs

Billy Blanks

What a disappointment. Where do I begin? The idea makes a lot of sense. A lot of these moves would be a lot more effective with an adjustable weighted stick, but somehow it just didn't work in this video. The moves all seem like they make sense for that they're trying to accomplish; i.e., side bends, twists, standing crunches - all done with the stick, but I have to say, it felt awkward and downright uncomfortable and NOT effective - more dangerous than anything else. THEN he does every exercise in "amped" speed which is four sets of eight FAST. This is definitely ineffective, dangerous and doesn't seem to make any sense or have any affect at all unless you want to raise your heartrate and do partial ineffective moves. For the 2nd half of the workout he goes down to the floor and does some of the craziest, most uncomfortable, clumsy ineffective moves I've EVER done where the stick is between your legs, wrapped around your legs, above your head.......I was too busy trying to keep the stick still to even be able to pay attention to what I was doing. I will narrow this workout down to a few words in order to make it clear: uncomfortable, ineffective (which, I realize is subjective, so that's my opinion), misplaced and misguided, a waste of time and clumsy. The idea is great, the workout is not.

Instructor comments: Billy is his usual self in this workout. Maybe a bit calmer b/c he's not jumping around as much, but there's no difference in his demeanor between this and his other workouts.

Evelyn Jenkins
November 20, 2007

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