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Step Revival

I'm not great at reviewing step tapes so this review may not be as thorough as other better reviewers might do. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on this tape. It has, not including the warm up routine, 3 full 64-count choreography sections. I found it to be a lot of fun and would rank it at an intermediate to mid-advanced level.

There are times when it feels like he needs to move on a little more quickly. He leaves you doing step knee ups while he shows you the next move. This didn't bother me too much as it gave my brain time to process what was coming up but to some it might be annoying.

The music is recognizable from other CIA and Cathe tapes but put together in a different order so it doesn't sound like the same old soundtrack.

He starts right away setting up the first section with the last move of the combination. I thought this was strange but when he adds it to the combo I can see why he wants to be sure you know it. The first 64 counts are a jump up V, jump off to the side and a stomp to come around to the back where he adds a turn, a basic and the last move(which is hard to describe). This is a fun combo. The next one starts with a mambo cha-cha, walk around the step, step-glute lift, turn and go back over the step. He has you turning and moving all around the step. There's more to that section but I don't want to make this review too long and boring. The last section starts with an L-step, one jumping jack, step up, shake your hips on the step, step down, mambo and basic. The last part is very easy to learn.

He starts off each section with a very basic combo then changes, adds turns and syncopation to the moves. Overall, I think this is one of the better Great Moves tapes. It's definitely a keeper in my collection!

Joyce Thurman

I really didn't know what to expect from this workout, because I didn't like the only other video I've ever tried of Jay's (also a step workout). But this is fun! Both the choreography and intensity are intermediate/advanced. It's got great music -- the same or very similar to the music in the other Great Moves tapes -- and although I know others sometimes get tired of the same music in different videos, I never get tired of a good soundtrack! This workout is about 45 minutes, and he includes a warm-up (about 10 minutes, I believe) and a short stretch at the end. You learn three different 32-count routines, and put them all together at the end. I would have liked to repeat it once more at the end, as he only does it once. This is a great tape for days where you might not have time to work out for a full hour, but still want an invigorating, fun workout. Grade A.

In this video, Jay is fun and motivating. He's also very good at introducing new moves.

Annie S.

Fun, fun, fun! The best way to describe the choreography of Step Revival is a cross between CIA 9806 and Reebok: Step, Rhythm, & Moves with a little Cathe thrown in. There are a couple of mambo/cha-cha combinations, a stomp repeater, and some hip shaking. Some unusual rhythm changes keep things interesting, along with a couple moves that turn you away from the television for just a moment. Because of the way Jay Blahnik builds on each combination, and has the viewer continue doing the simpler version while he demonstrates variations, there isn't much lag time. Since the basic and advanced versions use the same number of counts, one can easily go straight to the more complicated steps upon multiple viewings. The music is Dynamix and I've heard many of the components before, but they were put together in a new combination. I like the set: it is light and airy, with faux windows in the background.

This is not a killer workout as done on 4" and 6" steps, but plenty challenging for me. It is probably best suited for advanced intermediate exercisers who like creative choreography, or advanced exercisers looking to dance around with a shorter workout that still works up a sweat.

Instructor comments: This is the first video I've done with Jay Blahnik. There are a few spots where his cues were a little confusing the first couple of times I did this video. But overall, I really like this guy!


I'm really bad at picking up choreography, but after eight years of doing step I finally decided to take the plunge and try a "complex"-rated tape. I chose this one after previewing it using the video streaming feature on Collage's web site ( The first couple of times I just basically faked my way through it, but now, having done it five or six times, I've gotten most of the moves down and really enjoy doing it. All those different combos definitely make the time go by fast. The warm-up is really a good one and fun to do -- it's mostly on the step, and unlike a lot of other tapes' warm-ups, it actually does get you warmed up. The routine is a little lower-impact than Cathe, which my poor old knees and feet really appreciate! The cardio portion is relatively short -- about 30 minutes -- so when you're learning it you can rewind and try the tricker parts again without getting too tired. One cautionary note: There are a couple of places in the workout where I find I really have to watch my foot placement so I don't lose my balance. The first one is where you jump up into a v-step -- I have to be sure my heels aren't hanging off the back of the step when I land. The other is where you do a side lunge off the step followed by two knee raises -- here Jay reminds you to watch your balance. All in all, I think this a good choice for any intermediate/advanced stepper who's ready to tackle a complex routine. If I can do it, you can!

Instructor comments: Jay has a nice manner and cues well. I appreciated his reminder not to expect to get all the choreography right away -- I really needed that reassurance when I first started learning this one.

Ellen S.


I really like this tape! For days when you may not have 60-70 minutes to workout this one fits the bill perfectly. I will not go into to much detail about the break-down of the video.

It starts of with the warm up with most of the moves on the step at a slower pace than the body of the workout and some nice stretches. The aerobic section is about 30 minutes in lenght. Short, but a good workout. There are some really great moves in this tape. The jump up V-Step then hop off the end of the step is great, but you have to be carefull of foot placement or youll topple off the step! And there is also a fun repeater off the step then on the step move that a blast. The choreography is a little bit dancier than Cathe, but not nearly at Kari's level. Lots of hip swivels, cha-cha's, and "attitude" Im not fond of dancy aerobics, but this ones fun and do-able even on the first try. He does show some power and ooptional moves shown by the background ladies, with lots of turns.

Overall the intensity is low advanced, but you could make it more powerfull in lots of places. He does take a little bit more time than necessary teaching the moves, but after you do it a couple of times you can go straight to the finished moves instead of breaking it down each and every time. It hink if you are looking for a good step tape with some 'fresh' new choreography, you'll love this tape.

Instructor comments: Jay is really fun to workout to. His cueing is great and his choreography is intersting. I wish that more male instructors had his enthusiam.

Susie F.

Overall, an excellent step tape - I'd highly recommend it to the intermediate/advanced stepper. I almost never preview videos before I do them (sometimes a mistake), but with Jay's, I got 95% of the moves the first time around. He is an excellent at queing and presented many modifications - a big bonus. The coreography was not so complicated that you had to re-wind it several times, and was not so easy that you'd get really bored with it very easily. My only complaint was that there seemed to be a lot of basic steps while Jay was trying to preview a move - this may have been good, since its good to preview a move before it was done, but I would have rather had done something else at times, such as knee up side to side, a pony side to side, etc.

Overall Jay is a great at queing and is an excellent instructor. This video is fun and challenging (does through in some power moves, so its intense as well), though not so coreographically hard you'll be frustrated. I also like the time format; sometimes you don't have time to do a full 45 minutes of cardio (the step section lasts about 31 minutes, but my heart rate got up there in the warm-up, so I got a little extra). I highly recommend this tape.

Kathy Lapinski

I'm ambivalent about this tape. I really like Jay Blahnik, who comes across as a very nice guy, but this isn't my favorite tape of his. Although there are some fun moments in the choreography, there is too much of the choreography that I don't really like (for example, the jump-up V kind of jars my back, or, I don't enjoy knee ups while standing on top of the step). However, if you are looking for an intermediate step tape with modestly dancy choreography, this may fit your needs.

mel VF


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