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Comments/Facts about Jay Blahnik

  • 1996 IDEA Instructor of the Year
  • Nike Fitness Athlete
  • Choreographer and exercise consultant for Jane Fonda's exercise videos
  • Member of the American Council on Exercise Editorial Advisory Board and Continuing Education Committee,
  • IDEA presenter

Jay is excellent, but this tape [Step and Sculpt] is the first tape of his that I have done that has been advanced. I've done a couple of Jane Fonda videos that he has led that have been very basic; I am very advanced, so I get bored with basic videos (Jane Fonda's Step N Stretch and Step and Abdominal Workout do not cut the mustard for me). I'd look forward to doing another video of Jay's that was for the advanced stepper.

Kathy Lapinski

A comment to the lady who said jay needs more enthusiasm in his viedo. I would say see has never seen him do a live proformance. He is the best instructor i have ever seen. I'm looking forward to seeing hi in las vegas at the Idea convention this july

David M Dowen

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