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The Slide: Intermediate

Penny Black has a pleasant enough personality on her slide video. I don't have enough information on her 1/2 hr slide workout to give her a sufficient review.

I basically bought this video to get some new ideas about what to do on the slide. This tape is approx. 30 minutes in length. I did get some new ideas, but some things that Penny did in this video weren't done to enhance the lateral training benefits but were just cutesy. I didn't much care for the warm-up; I thought it was a little confusing. The tape is okay, and she does have some good new ideas, but I think that some of the moves take away from the real lateral training benefits of the slide. This tape is available from Pulse AV Catalog, Sara City Workout 1-800-545-CITY.

Grade: B - Kathy Lapinski

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