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Belly Twins Indi-Hop

Neena & Veena

This has to be one of the worst dance workouts I've ever seen. Its high impact, but not really intense. Kinda weird in that way. I like bhangra type dancing, and I like hip hop, but this is just not a very good workout on either count. The cueing is horrid. Some exercises are done on one side of the body, and not the other. Neena & Veena will NOT shut up through the entire video. They count, just like Billy Blanks, throughout the workout. 12345678123456781234567812345678123456781234567812 345678.... I can understand counting for the first few repetitions of a new dance move to get the counts down, but non-stop counting is just not the way to go. Its a real turn off.
You can turn the instructors off just to hear the music, but then you don't get any cueing at all & as I mentioned since some of the exercises are not repeated on each side evenly if at all it makes it very hard to follow with the instructors off. So, instructors on or off its a lose lose situation.

Instructor comments: Neena & Veena are both normally beautiful dancers. Their other videos, using voice over, are instructed very well aside from the occasional cueing of a move that's already being done. Its unfortunate that they did not do voice over for Indi-Hop. Their Natural Journeys videos are high quality & pleasing to the eyes. Indi-Hop was not done through Natural Journeys & it shows. Neena & Veena are good enough that they probably could have done better, and may do better in the future. Unfortunately, Indi-Hop really misses the mark in a big way.


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