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Kickbox Extreme

Amy Bento

Amy's new Kickbox Extreme workout was better than I thought it would be. Finally her cardio is longer. My gripe with her first nrg series was that the cardio just wasnt long enough. this workout is about 80 minutes long. Too long for you? Not to worry! There are about 7 premixes on this video..and better yet in the chapter menu you can click on them to see what comprises each of the premixes (great feature!!). Amy starts off with a warm up of about 11mins. NOrmally I dont enjoy long warm ups but most of this went by quickly. She even has a modifier with her - a pregnant woman! After the warm up you do five drills - A cardio segment, followed by an interval. She repeats a lot on each side and this is plenty of time to learn. Sometimes she lost me and i had to stare at the tv for a minute, but i was able to pick it up quickly on my first viewing after watching her for a little bit. The routines are fun and the interval blasts are pretty good. However, Amy does NOT have the best form and sometimes her cueing is not the best either. Some of the movies dont even look that safe and they dont always flow together. But i think with a few tries this workout will get more smooth. The first four cardio/intervals are pretty good but i dont know what happened with number five. My heart rate dropped because she does some balance moves and that made everything slow down. The music is pretty good and got you thru it. For the most part this workout is fun and enjoyable. It dragged a little because some of it was repetitive but there were times when i felt tired. I'm an advanced exerciser who works out with Cathe. I did do The Shape of Things to Come last nite for the first time so my legs were sore before i did the amy tape. Also this routine is sort of a space hog but i was able to modify. Overall it was a fun workout - better than some of the kickbox ones out there - but in my opinion noone is as good as Cathe.

Instructor comments: Amy is always upbeat and very pleasant. She looks like she is having a good time. Her cueing can use some improvement but her workouts are usually fun


Great music (probably the best in a kickboxing workout) and just plain fun! Not for those looking for a fierce, martial arts-like program though. Amy choreographs moves well to the music. She comes across well and her comments are very spontaneous. Lots of variety in the moves such as thrusts and blocks. Not a whoop in the entire workout! It can be shortened by stopping at the end of a combo and forwarding to the cool-down. I don't recommend the premixes for first-timers. They all have a finished combo without the breakdown. Fast-paced and a sweaty good time!

Instructor comments:

Diane aka mtnmom


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