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Advanced Step Challenge II

Amy Bento


I just tried Amy's ASC II for the first time, and really loved it! It's fun and the kind of tough that leaves you really tired without wanting to barf. I always enjoy Amy, and adore step in general, so I know this will be a favorite.

There's been a lot of discussion about the complexity and frustration factor with this workout. I found it to be complex for sure, but not so complex that I didn't want to finish or got swept into a murderous rage. I think the reasons I was able to get most of the combos and enjoy a good workout the first time out were the following:

1) I do tend to pick up choreography relatively quickly. I'm no choreo hound, but almost.
2) I previewed the entire workout actively (meaning I really focused on the moves, tried to predict what was coming next, etc).
3) I watched the preview then practiced all the previewed moves. I'd also already mastered the "fly away" as the "whirly bird" in Tracey's Step Sweatfest.
4) I used only 1 riser on each side. I usually step on 8" because I'm tall, but anticipated that I wouldn't be able to handle it with this level of complexity, and I was right.
5) I really do think that the workout is cued well. I understand the frustration with, for example, "down turn around" not being more specific, but since I'd previewed I already knew what she meant by this.

I certainly flubbed some moves, especially in combo 5, but I think prepping like this helped me to atleast get the pattern and end up sort of in the right place most of the time.

So to sum up, here are the positives:
- Fun factor. I think almost everyone would agree that this is a super fun step workout.
- Amy's on-screen personality. She's super engaging and enjoyable to work out with.
- The level of complexity will keep me interested for a long time, as it will take some time to really master this one.
- The level of intensity is just right. It's hard, but not nearly as tough as the hardest Cathes IMO.

Here are what I consider some negatives:
- The music didn't totally wow me. I liked it, and a few tracks were really good, but it didn't jump out as especially awesome.
- It's hard to hear Amy's cues over the music in some places. It wasn't that I couldn't understand the cues, just that I had to try to hear her over some of the songs. I think this will be less annoying once I really master the combos.

Overall, this is a definite winner for me. I think the advanced exerciser who's willing to spend some extra time previewing and practicing the moves will be rewarded with a truly excellent step workout that will keep his or her interest for a long time. A!

Instructor comments: Amy's engaging and energentic as usual in this one. Love her!



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