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Franny Benedetto

This is produced by Sara's City, and since there's always been a quality issue with Sara's, I'll talk about that first. The picture on this is "adequate" -- improved from years past. The music is a little hard to hear in some places, though. Franny's voice comes through just fine, but sometimes you may find it hard to stay in time with the music, since it's so hard to hear. Now, on to the workout itself. It's very good! The first 41 minutes consists of the warmup and 4 step combos. Intensity and choreography are both advanced, but I didn't find them as advanced as her CIA workouts. She does not splice the combos, which is a departure for Franny. After these 4 combos is "partner step kickboxing" where two people perform kickboxing combos using the same step. I have not done or watched this part at all -- I just end the workout after the regular step portion. I would give this workout an A if the music/sound quality were better, but taking that into consideration, I have to give it a B.

Annie S.

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