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Hemalaya Behl

I have this dvd, which consists of three different workouts: morning quickie, evening bath, and daily connection. Morning Quickie is a 30 minute pretty tradition routine comprised mainly of sun salutations. Evening Bath is designed to relax you before bath and has a lot of calming breathing and very gentle moves coupled with a bit more intense shoulderstand. To me, it's a great before-bed routine -- I'm ready to fall asleep by the time I hit corpse pose. But, the crowning jewel of this dvd is Daily Connection, whic is a truly unique yoga video. There are no sun salutions, and yet it's invigorating and calming at the same time. You do back twists, warrior II, pigeon pose, tree pose, and a variation of a shoulder stand. You also do eagle pose, which isn't one you seem to see often in yoga videos. I love the sequencing of the workout and how it fits a unique niche in my yoga collection. It's powerful in that you'll develop some strength with the routine, but it's not power yoga at all. You also get the chance to hold poses for longer than in most workouts and feel truly worked out. The moves can be advanced, and she doesn't show modifications. However, if you have some yoga experience, it's pretty easy to modify the moves on your own. I'd say I'm an advanced beginner, and the level is perfect for me with modifications. Overall, I'd give it an A.

Instructor comments: Hemalaya has a very soothing voice and seems to be a very knowledgeable, experienced yogina. She has a strong, healthy yet not super-thin body, which I find inspiring. Her outfits are bit skimpy, which I know has bothered some other people, and her cueing is a bit off -- she sometimes cues left when she means right, etc. However, it's easy to figure how what's going on just by looking at the screen.



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