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Body Bar Express: Basic Training

Sherry Catlin

This tape is a pretty intense 30 minute all weight workout which covers all body parts using only a body bar. A barbell or dumbells could be substituted but the workout moves very quickly in order to get everything in so there isn't a lot of time to change weights.
The workout begins with a very short warmup, approximately 2-3 minutes. It progresses into exercises for the shoulders consisting of upright rows, lateral raises and overhead presses. The killer part of this tape is that you do 8 reps of the exercise using the full range of motion for that exercise, then you do 8 pulse reps in the lower range of the moves, then 8 pulse reps in the mid range of the move and 8 more pulse reps in the high range, finishing off with a final set of full range motion of the exercise. My muscles were burning on every exercise. It's tough! Sherry even comments about how she is dying!
After shoulders, you work your legs with squats using the same regular motion, pulsing, etc. You do regular squats and plie' squats. Other than that, there is no additional work for the legs so if you prefer more lower body work in a tape, pass on this one. The rest of the tape is all upper body working your back, triceps, biceps, chest and finally abs again using the same full range set, pulse set, etc.
I was pleasantly surprised with this tape. It is a decent total body workout perfect for when you are short on time but still want to get weight training in. It would also be a great add on tape when you just want to perform more reps. The only complaint I have with the tape is that since they are using one weight for the entire workout, they do move quickly through the routine not allowing much time for a home exerciser to change weights if needed. However, they don't rush through the reps which is really nice. Overall, I give this tape 2 thumbs up!

Instructor comments: Sherry does a nice job of leading this tape. She provides good form reminders for properly performing each exercise.

Joyce Thurman

Type: Strength
Format: Bodybar
Length: 30 minutes
Difficulty: intermediate
Choreography: easy to follow
Music: Was there music?
Set: very basic

The Workout: This was an interesting BodyBar workout using several moves you don't often see: the clean and press, as well as holding the bar behind your back and raising it out behind you. This workout really toasts the shoulders but isn't much for the legs. Thats fine with me! I prefer to work legs separately, anyway. Sherry uses the Bodybar to work the abs as well, which was nice. The workout was fun and seemed to be over with quickly. This is a nice short weight workout for a day when you want to add a 3rd weight workout to the week.

Pros: Really toasts the shoulders!!
Nice and short for an add-on, or on its own as an easier workout.

Cons: This is my problem with Bodybar workouts in general: a 12 pound bar for the whole entire workout just doesn't really cut it. I find myself grabbing my 40 pound barbell for chest or back work, or I don't feel it at all. She does a lot of reps for biceps to really toast them, but still, I get a better workout if I start out with 10# dumbbells and then go down to the bodybar when I am tired.

Instructor comments: I really like her!! She is laid back, and has a sort of dry sense of humor. Cues well. I took a class of hers at a fitness conference and I wish she would put something as difficult as that on DVD!! She is Queen of the Body Bar, imho..

Peggy Elliott
October 8, 2004

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