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Body Bar: Burn

Keli Roberts

Body Bar & BOSU Training's "Burn" is a 30 minute workout led by Keli Roberts with Mindy Mylrea and Lashaun Dale in the background. Lashaun does the moves without a BOSU, Keli and Mindy use one. A body bar is also used. Mindy is using what I believe is a nine pound bar, and Lashaun and Keli use a four pound bar. The set is the same as most Body Bar and BOSU series workouts, and the music is upbeat and great!

The warm up is fairly traditional, dynamic, and involves the entire body. You are on and off the BOSU during it, and Keli does a fine job of showing some basic BOSU moves, so even if you've never used one before, this is a workout you can do.

Squats are first, both on and off the side of the BOSU, and while standing on the BOSU itself. Different ways of holding the body bar are shown. This is a strength workout, but since some of the moves are a bit quick (though never "too" fast) it's also a great endurance workout! And since most of the moves are done on the BOSU, you're working your core and balance the entire time! Watch Mindy on the side squats off the BOSU - excellent form!

Dead lifts are next, standing on the BOSU and using the body bar. She also does rows mixed in there in this position. Next you flip the BOSU over so the flat side is up to do a push-up/lunge/plank sequence. This part hurt my hands. I ended up doing the sequence on the floor. I would have loved to make use of the balance challenge by doing them on the BOSU, but gripping the edges of the dome that way hurt. If it doesn't bother you, it definitely adds a new factor because of the unstable surface of the dome!

You then flip the dome over so the rounded side is up again, and kneel with one knee on the dome while doing one-handed biceps curls with the four foot long bar! VERY challenging, and I would not use a heavy weighted bar like you think you can while standing flat and doing a one-arm curl with a dumbbell! This was my favorite sequence of all! In this same segment are super-challening kneeling one leg/opposite arm planks done on the BOSU! You will be sweating and your heart rate will climb! I had DOMS in my abs the next day from doing this!

You then do a segment involving lunges onto the dome with one leg, rotation holding the bar at chest length, and shoulder presses using the bar. Even though lunges bother my knees on the floor, I can do these onto the dome. Keli does a couple of soft "woo-hoo" noises here, but the music is so great and you're having so much fun, it just seems to fit.

Abdominal work ends the workout, all done on the BOSU for an extra balance challenge. A nice stretch completes it. This workout packs a lot into just 30 minutes! I really love it!

Instructor comments: Keli is a wonderful instructor, and I love her Austrailian accent! She gives excellent cues and form pointers throughout the workout, and Mindy and Lashaun show plenty of modifications.

January 29, 2005

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