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Putting Postures to Your Prayers (audio CD)

Baron Baptiste

This CD is 75 minutes long and is described as "the audio complement to the Baron Baptiste Live! series" (Soul of Strength, Unlocking Athletic Power, and Core Power.)

Here is the track listing:

1. Integration 6:20
2. Namaskara A 4:07
3. Namaskara B 5:49
4. Igniting Fire I/Crescent Lunge 9:17
5. Igniting Fire II/Prayer Twist 2:26
6. Eye of the Storm/Balance Series 7:21
7. Triangle Series 11:30
8. Centering/Tree 2:07
9. Moving Forward with Backbends & abs/Core Power 9:58
10. Hormonal Harmony/Inversions 2:10
11. Unfolding the Lotus/Forward Bends 5:07
12. Surrender to Gravity/Completion 2:00
13. Savasana 4:11

I enjoyed the practice and will use it again. It was challenging but left me with that blissed out yoga feeling afterward. I tune out most of Baron's chatter, so it didn't bother me the way it has others.

Instructor comments: Baron gives clear cues, but you have to be able to take his woo-woo-isms, which are perhaps even more noticeable in the audio than in his videos.

Renee D


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