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I have all of Baron's yoga videos and so far this is my favorite one. You do 4 separate segments so it is easy to do one a day. You start out with the Water segment. In this segment you do a nice warm up doing the basic sun salutations with the lunge series to really get warmed up and ready to stretch out, getting a little more challenging as you go.

Next is Fire. In this segment you do all your standing stretches. You start with the triangle, you do it on both sides, then move on to an inner thigh stretch, then on to warrior pose done on both sides, then you do another inner thigh stretch, then on to the warrior 2 with right angle pose, done on both sides, another inner thigh stretch, then you do a twisting warrior pose on both sides with different variations to make it harder.

Then on to Water. In this segment you practice balancing poses. You start with a sun salutation and then on to the poses. You do the Eagle pose on both sides, Dancers pose, airplane balacing pose, tree pose, then you end with another sun salutation and a great series of back stretches. After that you do the wheel pose.

Next is the floor series which is Wind. You do some great side stretches, lowerbody stretches, back stretches and some abdominal work. I wouldn't consider this a beginner's tape, you really have to know the poses before doing this tape.

I really like how it is divided into little segments, each segment is roughly 20 minutes long and perfect for adding to other workouts.

Instructor comments: I think Baron is an excellent yoga instructor. His workouts are very thorough and relaxing and Baron has a nice calming voice.

Dawn Henson

Let me say that I love this tape. I think it's by far the best tape Baron's produced, and one of the best in the entire power yoga spectrum. However, the introductory promotion on this tape presents several cuts from interviews with people who have practiced yoga with takes almost 5 minutes. I always wonder about these promo sequences - you have, after all, already bought the tape which means to me that you are probably pro-yoga and pro-Baron. Okay, so my one gripe is over with and I can always set my counter to zero to avoid this next time.

This glitzy start does indicate a real change from Baron's previous tapes, from Greg Twombly productions. The production on P&P is amazingly sophisticated compared with the previous tapes. In a "warehouse" setting with whitewashed textured walls, they intersperse shots of the class, with shots of a TV screen with Baron and class, a split screen image of B & class in sepia tones, an abstract undulating color sequence for transitions, and cutaways to participants (Dana and Joan and Baron)demonstrating precise form. High production value! When previewing, I wondered if it would be distracting but when you're doing the tape, it's fine, and the cutaways of the demonstrations of precise form are helpful.

The tape is divided into four sections: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. Each section is introduced with its title on the undulating color background, which will be used to transition among the various images.

You can do all sections together, or separate them because each is a complete sequence of poses, and each is about 15-20 minutes long.

Water is a series of sun salutation postures. Each posture is explained thoroughly and alternately demonstrated by Dana, Joan or Baron on a mat, solo, against the background, or by watching the class. Postures include downward facing dog, rag doll, cobra, high push up (plank?), forward bends. The pace is slow to start, and Baron's form pointers are excellent. Toward the end of the sequence, the postures flow more quickly together.

Fire: A standing sequence, with what I'd call Middle Eastern music, kind of Casablanca or Lawrence of Arabia. Postures include Warrior poses, side stretches, forward standing bends. Postures are held for a fair amount of time, allowing good stretching.

Earth: Another sequence that begins with standing postures, music is flute and drums.

Postures are eagle, dancer's pose, airplane, standing leg stretch, tree pose - are these to help balance? You'll need it to hold them! Then, another partial sun salutation series, to the floor, flowing into leg lifts while on stomach, and bow pose. Child's pose leads into cat pose, and then bridge or wheel pose, which is a backbend, followed by a seated forward bend, and partial spinal twist. There's a great variety of poses in this sequence, and I think it's my favorite.

Wind: Music is keyboards and what I call Indian flute, kind of R. Carlos Nakai. This sequence begins like the 3rd sequence on Baron's Vol. I, with resting on back, legs lifted, into a bicycle movement. Then, hamstring stretch with leg bends, pull back toward head holding big toe, and out to side. There's a lying spinal twist, forward bends, seated spinal twists, seated leg stretch, and finally yogic breathing, holding nose and breathing through alternate nostrils. Finally, there's corpse pose.

Whew! Apologies to those yoga practitioners who know the real names for the postures. As I said in the beginning of this review. this is an excellent tape. I am an intermediate yoga practitioner (I don't do headstands but I do backbends.) I would highly recommend this tape to anyone who wants to refine their form on postures. You will have to be flexible and strong, few modifications are shown (there are some). A+++

Instructor comments: Baron's excellent. His cuing and form pointers are ongoing, precise and thorough. His focus is on the physical, but he also mentions other benefits of a sustained yoga practice. Dana, Baron's wife, is one of the practitioners who demonstrates postures in the cutaways; Joan is the second. Both are solid and graceful.

Pamela B.

This is my favorite Baron Baptiste yoga video , having done Vol 1 and 2 of his Hot Yoga series. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do because the camera shots are very different than most Yoga videos and I thought they'd be distracting. In fact, I barely notice the changing perspectives,and enjoy what I do notice. The video is divided into 4 parts. While one could do them as separate segments, they flow beautifully into a whole Yoga session. The first session focuses on sun salutations, the second on standing poses, the third on balancing poses, and the fourth on sitting poses/abs moves/relaxation. The combination of poses and the flow is very relaxing and envigorating--and the poses are held long enough to feel that you're getting an excellent stretch. I've found myself doing this video more than almost any other Yoga video I own.

Instructor comments: Excellent instruction! Calming, reassuring manner.

Ronni Hendel-Giller

Power & Precision is Baron's newest video. It is composed of four 15 minute routines. You can either do them individually or all together. The four routines done together create a wonderful flow routine. The first routine is "WATER" which is a series of really invigorating sun salutations. Baron gives lots of variations, and breaks them down really clearly for all levels of ability. Next is "FIRE" which is a powerful lower body toning/sculpting series using Warrior and Triangle poses. "EARTH" is a standing balancing series using poses like Eagle, dancers and tree. Last is "WIND" which has a great abdominal routine and then a really "uplifting and active" deep breathing sequence. I love this tape. It has quickly become my very favorite yoga vi

Instructor comments: Baron Baptiste is impeccable! He is very clear in his delivery of both inspiration and instruction. He is very verbal but in a non-intrusive way. He helps you really "get" what you're doing, and what you should be doing. He's my favorite yoga teacher in every

Elise Austin


This video is really a wonderful find for me. I ordered it from Collage a few weeks back and it has become my favorite tape. Actually I rotate Billy Blanks Tae-bo and Baron's P&P videos for a really well-rounded, total mind/body program. Baron gives a lot of tips on proper form and alignement, and keeps you focused on your breathing in this video. P&P is challenging yet Baron's teaching style keeps it very approachable and "work at your own level of ability" is a philosophical thread through out the whole tape. If you already do yoga you will love this tape! If you've never done yoga then Power & Precision is the perfect p

Instructor comments: Excellent instructor! Motivating. Inspiring. Clear. Charismatic. Great voice. He'll never bore you. Really knows yoga and how to teach

Jessica Gedman


Power & Precision is my favorite video! I love this tape. It is broken up into four 15 minute routines. The first is a very energizing segment of sun salutations, a lot of variations are given for beginners and for more intermediate students. The second routine is an amazing lower body workout using warrior lunges and triangle poses. The third segment is some balancing and spinal strengtheners. And the last segment is an awesome abdominal series followed by a very soothing deep breathing sequence. This video really flows well. Get it! You won't be

Instructor comments: Baron is a great teacher. He gives a lot of useful and sequential instructions and tips on proper form and alignment. His energy is very soothing and charismatic. I don't see too many teachers of his quality out in the marketplace. He has got the total package in his delivery; knowledge, enthusiasm and the ability to influence in a way that is really won

Cynthia Smith


I cannot say enough about this tape. If you want a great yoga experience; a total-body workout and some emotional release; then this tape will not disapoint you. I love it! I love Baron. He gives you a lot of tips on alignment, form and attention to detail yet it has that magical, sweat inducing flow. Baron has a great, non-intrusive, yet inspiring running dialogue that really makes you want to work and keeps you in the zone. His basic theme is "work with whatever level of ability you have, and from there, there's no stopping you." A lot of variations are given for beginners as well as the more challenging variations. Ge

Instructor comments: Excellent! The Best! Clear & Concise. Baron really teaches you about yoga. Not only do you get a totally abs. thighs & butt shaping workout, but he gives you a lot of straight from the hip, "non "woo-woo" yoga philosophy. Baron is my favorite yoga instructor and I happen to collect yoga videos so I stand on pretty solid ground when I say

Laura Howard


Others have given good descriptions of this video, so I'm just going to add my .02. I purchased this video due to the great reviews, and I'm glad I did. I have to say that this is probably my favorite yoga tape right now (it certainly is my favorite power yoga tape), and I have many others (Yoga Zone, all three of Bryan Kest's, the Living Arts series and more). I'd agree that this is not a video for beginners, even though Collage rates it as beginner/intermediate. I consider myself a video yoga intermediate, and this tape is at the perfect level for me. It is challenging, but not frustrating. The length of the tape is great (60 minutes), and I really like the way it is divided into four segments so it can be broken down if you want. This one gets an A+ from me!

Instructor comments: Baron Baptiste's instruction is excellent. His demeanor is a blend of relaxing instruction combined with just the right amount of encouragement. He does have several catch phrases, such as "helium in the hips" and "there's no gain from strain" and a few others, but they are few and far between so it didn't get too bothersome to me. The excellence of his instruction and the quality of this tape greatly overshadows those minor annoyances.

Kristin Aziz

Power and Precision is a challenging but not overwhelming Power vinyasa practice. Baron as always does a great job of leading you through the sequence. It features several students and shows modifications throughout the practice.

It is broken down into four sections which contain a different focus.

Here is a breakdown of the sequence:

Baron Baptiste Power and Precision

00:00 Intro


5:37 Down Dog

06:40 Rag Doll

7:32 Sun Salutation “A” 2 x;s
Sun Salutation w/ low lunge 2x’s
Sun Salutation “B” 2x’s
Hold “Thunderbolt” pose
20:45 Uttanasana

21:35 Padahastasana

22:10 Samasthiti


23:00 Triangle

24:15 Wide Leg Forward Bend

25:00 Warrior 1

26:00 Wide Leg Forward Bend

26:45 Warrior 2 to Side Angle Bend (Parsvakonasana) then do the same 2 poses on the left side

28:15 Wide Leg Forward Bend w/ hands clasped behind and bringing them overhead

2 8:55 Twisting Warrior (prayer Twist) to Warrior 2 then do same 2 poses on the left side

31:20 Wide Leg Forward Bend (holding toes)


32:30 Sun Salutation “A” w/ a long Down Dog

33:45 Eagle (left arm over right/ right leg over left)

35:05 Dancer Pose (Natarajasana)

36:05 Airplane on one leg, then bring hands to the floor, then back to airplane

38:00 Tree Pose

39:35 Sun Salutation

40:35 Locust Sequence

41:12 Bow

41:50 Child Pose

42:10 Cat Tilt/Dog Tilt

42:45 Bridge or Wheel

43:30 Knees to chest, rock an roll up

43:50 Pashimottanasanaa w/ hands crossed reaching for opposite feet, then extend one arm out and back, then the other


45:35 Navasana

46:15 Twisting Situps

46:50 One Arm “Happy Baby” (Bug) then grab toe and lift face to leg, then bring leg outward, then twist to left while looking to the right ….. then repeat the entire sequence w/ the left leg

50:10 Baddha Konasana

50:55 Janu Sirasana Variation (reach left hand to right leg) to Seated Twist to Seated Pigeon Variation (then repeat on the other side)

55:30 Seated Alternate Nostril Breathing

58:00 Seated Meditation (w/ normal breathing)

58:40 Savasana

1:00:19 Inhale and bring arms overhead/Exhale and lower back to the sides

Instructor comments: Baron is one of the premier Yoga teachers around today. He is the son of two Yoga pioneers in the United States and puts together sound and challenging practices.



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