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XTRA Lite Aerobics

I like this video, overall. The first time I did it, I thought I was into the actual aerobics--then I realized we were just warming up!

The warm-up feels more intense than the actual aerobics--which is a good thing because I otherwise could not complete the tape!

I enjoy doing the moves--it's the first time I've actually not hated aerobics. I prefer to do Denise's Kickin' With Country tape since it's a little more fun, but this one is a little less strenuous. There are a couple segments where the moves were difficult for me to pick up the first few times. Don't give up!

Even though I like to do a different video every day for variety, until you've mastered a video with complicated (to you) moves, do it daily, or you'll be discouraged at the stuff you forget between days.

This video (as well as XTRA Lite Tone Up) was a great deal for $8.99 at Target. A good buy and a wonderful beginner's tape!

Instructor comments: Denise is upbeat and perky. I like that since she motivates me and makes me feel good about exercising. It's not condescending, but she seems to understand what a big step it is for a beginner to exercise.


I'm not a beginner, but I bought this video for the following reasons: (1) It has 20 minutes of low-impact aerobics, and that's what I wanted on my strength/toning days, and (2) it only cost $6.99 at Kroger. The video gives me a nonstressful, mildly cardio workout that's fun to do. I like the beach setting; the trend toward using outdoor sets is great. But if I were someone who had never done aerobics, which seems to be the target market considering the packaging and selling it in grocery stores, I'd have a Big Problem. Denise's cuing is terrible, and she goes right into moves without any explanation or slow-mo instruction: mambas, grapevines, kick-ball-changes, and box steps. But if the novice is truly motivated, she can always rewind and after doing the video a few times know the moves. For beginners, I'd give this video a C+. (But for $6.99, it's worth trying.)

Instructor comments: Denise has mellowed a bit over the years, and isn't quite as obnoxiously perky. She still chatters nonstop, and when she runs out of cues says, "I'm Proud Of You!", "You're Doing Great!", and my personal favorite, "You'll Have A Great Rear View!" It's easy to make fun of Denise, but I really like her. She's in good shape and looks prettier at 40 than when she started way long ago. Her cuing isn't very good; you have to watch her to see what to do.

Lilly Anderson

I bought this video to get back into the swing of things after a rough pregnancy and delivery. It did motivate me and get me back into my commitment to exercise but after about six weeks of Denise, I had enough of her constant smile (is it for real?). It's great for someone coming back after pregnancy though!! Very low impact and during the workout, she talks enough to keep you motivated and even tells you some interesting facts about exercise, etc. She changes the segments often enough to keep your interest but within the segments, it does get a little repetitive. All things considered, I guess that comes with the territory because of the type of exercise it is (low-impact, beginner). Overall, a good video for someone who's just getting started or getting back into exercise after a while. I give it an A- for beginners.

Instructor comments: Denise Austin is a great motivator for beginners but after a while her syrup-y attitude got on my nerves and I wondered how sincere she was.

Gayle Lewis

I found this video to be perfect for someone like me. Over the past two years I have put on more weight than I'd like to admit to. Since I refuse to buy a new wardrobe and give in to the new "fat" me, I have decided to workout and eat more nutritiously. This video gives just enough of a workout. I was breathing a little hard at first, but now I can get through it without feeling like I'm going to pass out! I enjoy her words of encouragement, sometimes I think I NEED them! It's a great tape and I highly recommend it!

Instructor comments: Denise Austin is fabulous! I am amazed that so many have felt differently! I truly enjoy her perky personality. Those "I know you can do it!" comments really help when I feel like giving up. She's not the best at cueing, but she is certainly the best at motivation, plus she looks fantastic!

Rena Jones

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