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Step N' Shape Workout

I had a hard time getting psyched up by this video. To begin with, it just doesn't get you excited enough to want to stick with it but to be fair, I gave it a shot all the way thru the first time (even though I wanted to turn it off in the first 10 minutes). I had been stepping for 4 months before trying this tape and it just didn't do it for me! I CANNOT get into shaking my rear end like I'm a teenager. (Even my three year old got a laugh out of it!) I won't go on with any more critique of the stepping segment, except to say that I really got bored and even tired of getting lost as she doesn't seem to que well or stick to the beat at all. I do STRONGLY WARN AGAINST doing her abdominal exercises on anything BUT a longer step. I still have one of the shorter ones and I tried doing the floor portion of her exercises on my step like she does. What a fiasco! I had to have my husband help me up off the floor (I was in excruciating pain!) and have 4 weeks of chiropractic care after that!! Needless to say, this tape has been sitting on my shelf ever since.

Instructor comments: Although Denise is a great motivator for beginners, I just can't get into her perma-grin attitude. Like has been mentioned, the most frustrating thing is that she can't stick with the beat.

Gayle Lewis

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