Video Fitness

Hit the Spot Pilates

Denise Austin

This DVD is divided into 6 10-minute segments: core, waistline, power abs, hips, thighs, & buns. It also includes a 15 minute "Pilates Challenge" for the whole body, and offers a matrix type menu you can use to select the specific segments you want.

Each segment seems to have different background exercisers, and Denise is by herself in several. The backdrops include a pretty studio and an outdoor unidentified tropical location.

Denise usually annoys me with her perkiness, but I felt she was better in this DVD. I liked the moves which were selected--not all strictly pilates moves with which I was familiar, but all appropriately targeted. I found this workout to be very time-efficient and enjoyable.

Instructor comments: Her extreme chattiness has annoyed me in other workouts, but not so here.



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