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Hit The Spot Abs

Music: irrelevant
Length: Three 10 minute segments
Energy Level: moderate
Production: ok.

Denise Austin is too perky for me but she's a good instructor...except that one routine here contains what amounts to old-fashioned situps that, as we all know, don't do much for the abs and hurt the back. Except for the start of the third routine, all are floor exercises. What else is there to say? They seem to do the job.

Diane Danielle

Hit the Spot Abs by Denise Austin, in my opinion, is challenging to your abs, especially if you've ever had a baby. I found that after doing the video one time, My abs definitely had a workout. Hopefully, after six weeks of doing this video, I will see results.

In addition, the only thing I would like to see in her videos, is more up to date music, or something that has a catchy beat, maybe for instance, the oldies. This will make people have a lot more fun with exercising, rather than most classical music instructors have in their videos. A more peppy beat will definitely bring you faster out of bed in the morning.

Valerie Freeman

Abs is an excellent video. The exercises are challenging (for me as a beginner anyways) and I especially liked segment 2. It promises results in 3-6 weeks if done every other day. I've done it everyday for 2 days (that's how long I've had it) The scenery is beautiful. I enjoy this video, and I usually hate exercise!

Instructor comments: I have 2 of Denise Austin's tapes, one from the 80's and one from the 90's. I think with age she has matured as an instructor. She is a bit too perky at times, but I enjoy her inspirational words and her workouts seem to not take long at all. I've read the negative comments about her, and I see your points, but for me, Denise Austin is the main person I exercise to. I can't wait to buy more of her videos!

Stephanie Mojica

I have been working out regularly for years, but ab exercises have always been the toughest for me to stick with even though I feel I need the most work in that area! I haven't had kids but my stomach is not completely flat. I blame it partly on heredity, partly on not sticking to a particular ab workout. I work aerobically on a regular basis but I bought this video because I really wanted to start targeting my abs. And I think this video is great. It contains three short ab sections, each getting a little harder than the last. All three portions together last about thirty minutes, you can do one section one day, another section another day, but I do them all at once. The time goes by really fast because the workout is broken up like this. I felt a little frustrated the first time I did the video because I couldn't do all the moves and Denise went a little fast on some of the moves, but the next day my stomach felt really tight and I was eager to try the video again. I realized it just takes time to get used to what she is doing and I didn't have to do the hardest moves right away. I think this video is a great target toner and Denise is very motivational. I don't expect to get a rock hard six-pack just from doing this video, but I look forward to a leaner firmer stomach.

Instructor comments: Denise is very motivational and she is a great inspiration because she has a great body after having two children. I love her smily attitude and perkiness. My only question is, how can she talk the whole time she is doing all these intense ab exercises? I spent the whole time just concentrating on my breathing! She must be in the most awesome shape.

Julie Welling

I found this video to be very good. It is very motivational. You don't have to do a lot of reps and it's over before you know it. It gives me the same workout as if I had done a 2 hour ab workout. This is a great video for someone just getting started who needs that extra motivation. It's like having your very own personal cheering section. Keep up the good work!!

Instructor comments: I think she is a great motivator. Personally I would rather go to the gym because I am not really an aerobics person. However, Denise tends to give me the same motivation I give to myself while working out at the gym.



This an excellent tape, featuring 3 10-minute workouts. Denise is great at giving pointers throughout each workout, reminding you of what needs to be done to get the best results.


I own several abs videos, but this one is still my favorite. I'm not aware of any other abs video with the appealing, outdoor setting that this one has. There are three segments of 10 minutes each, and I usually find that one segment is sufficient for a moderate (but not killer) abs workout to add on to some other tape. Each segment contains a variety of interesting exercises, and there is not too much repetition between segments. Denise Austin is her usual self, but not too "perky" in this tape.

Bonnie L


This is the only Denise Austin video I own. DH got it for me at a thrift store and I was prepared to trade or give it away, until I actually tried it. What a great tape! its three 10 minute ab routines, each progressively more difficult. ALL of them focus on the lower abs, my worst spot! This one is a keeper, tho Denise is inane, as usual.

Instructor comments: This is one to do with the sound off. "Tummy" and "Stomach"? 'nuff said...

Peggy T


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