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Fat Burning Blast

I don't know how Denise has been so successful with all the number of bad reviews that come in. I recently purchased her fat burning blast video and I would advise everyone out there to steer clear of it. However, if you enjoy all the motivational talk like, "Oh, you are gonna love yourself now!", then this tape might be for you. However, I found many times Denise looked lost. She never offered any cues before the moves and had a hard time staying on beat with the music. The film does feature two brief workout segments, but they don't even get your heart to beat to the point where you might be burning fat. With all of the other tapes on the market, I would suggest that you look elsewhere before buying this video.

Jennifer Larson

Denise isn't the best instructor in the world, many have already noted her problems with keeping with a beat and her poor cuing. I find that the cuing isn't very important when the moves are as simple as these. Once or twice through and you've got it. The workouts are short but they are intense enough to get your heart rate up even though they don't keep it there long. My quads are really working during this video. It's a nice way to ease into a program after backsliding or having a baby. It's definitely a beginner video, and Denise is at her best with beginners who need plenty of affirmation. One workout is strictly aerobic, one is interval training. In succh a short video, the interval training doesn't really work well, but the aerobic workout is pretty good. I'd give this video a B (except my quads, which insist on an A) for beginners, not helpful for anyone else.

Instructor comments: Denise may be overly perky for some but for us lonely housewives that work out at home alone sometimes any company is better than no company at all!


Denise is a little hard to follow at times, but she makes you feel like you can do it. I know she can act like a silly girl sometimes, but I think she is a geniune sincere person who wants to help people stay in shape. She tries to make the work out fun. I probably will not purchase another Denise Austin work out tape, but I will continue to combine this work out with my others. I know it is working for me.

Jen Lauria


At first I found the workout a little hard to follow (b/c she is not the best at setting up the next move). After I did it ALOT of times I eventually caught on. This tape along with walking and a variety of exercise routines has helped me loose 60 lbs so I disagree that it doesn't burn fat. The "experts" say that 10 minutes here and there through out out the day are just as effective as exercising longer one time. I am living proof. For people who are less than enthusiastic about working out the prospect of blasting a little fat for just 20 minutes definately has an advantage would you not say? I would say my "FAT BURNING BLAST" tape was well worth the $9.99 I paid for it 1 1/2 years ago.

Instructor comments: Okay, she is a little too perky and isn't the greatest at "cueing" the next move, but she means well and her tapes are inexpensive. She is also muscular and fit without looking gross. Let's face it, none of us would mind looking like her, huh?

Ellen Groth

Denise is a bit of a different breed when you come to aerobics, she is more for the beginners, but i think her tactics are good but a little outdated, however i would suggest her tape for those wanting to get into shape and feel good about them selves.

Debbie Douglas


I have done this video twice and I'm already bored with it. I bought it at Wal-Mart because it was the only one they had. I was disapointed when I came home and saw the reviews. After doing it once I agree with the other reviews.

Instructor comments: I don't find her voice as annoying as most others do, but I don't care for her very much. She doesn't cue before she goes to the next move.

nicky r

I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews about this tape because I really do like it. The first section, Low Impact Aerobics wasn't exactly my favorite (I prefer the second section) but it was easy. The second section, Circuit Training, was easy and fun to do.

Instructor comments: Denise is so energetic and fun. I really enjoy working out with her because she's so perky.



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