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Baby Boomers Age Defying Workout

I found a couple of the routines hard to follow, but that only took a couple of times to get them. I like the moves and the toning section is GREAT! I like weights for my arms but the leg workouts are just what I needed. All in all, this is a great workout. Especially since I am in the age group it is targeted for.

Keep up the good work, Denise.

Instructor comments: At first I found Denise a little intimidating until I started doing her workouts. I found them challening but well-choreographed and Denise knows her stuff.

This new Baby Boomers workout is really one of her best. Her voice doesn't bother me - I do find her rhythm out-of-sync occasionally but over-all she is a good instructor and I enjoy her perky attitude.

Claudia Pierotti

I really wanted to like this video, but it's one of the worst I've tried. I would not suggest it for anyone who wants low impact (too much jumping around), who has bad knees (abrupt changes of direction at too fast a pace to be safe for knees, especially if you're working out on carpeting), a total body workout (the lower body is the target of the workout), an aerobic section that lasts 20 minutes or more (only about 15 minutes aerobic), or good music (too repetitious and the performers seemed bored or as phony as Denise). On the plus side, the routine was easy to learn. She uses basic steps, sets simple patterns, and repeats a lot. She does a good job of working out both sides of the body. She's very supportive in her attitude. Even when I put aside how cloying and annoying I find Denise Austin to be, I don't like the routine. Unless you're a fan of hers or don't have any physical limitations, I wouldn't suggest this video. There are other videos on the market that offer a better and safer workout.



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