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Swingin'to the Big Bands

Music: Live Big Band with Vocalist
Length: 35 minutes. 8 minute motion warmup. 22 minutes of dance. 5 minute static stretches.
Energy Level: Moderate & Varying
Choreography: Generally easy
Production: Ok

I don't really like Austin. She's just too chipper for me. But she does a good job with this and "Kickin'With Country". The choreography is interesting and mainly easy. Cueing is so-so but not really necessary. Each song has a definite start so if you have trouble with a routine, you can fast forward and practice it. It's fairly easy to modify the intensity level. There's one place where Austin starts doing her own thing and even the dancers behind her don't quite seem to know what to do---but the steps are so simple, it's mainly just irritating. If you like Big Band music (Chattanooga Choo Choo, Pennsylvania 6-5000, Woodchoppers Ball, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, In the Mood, Brazil, New York New York.), this is a fun tape.

Diane Danielle

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