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6-Week Waist Trimmer

Denise Austin

There are two versions of this tape: one comes with a belt, the other is the tape alone. I have the version with only the tape.

This is a very useful tape. It really does ease into things, with several almost-exercises in week 1 that not only are un-intimidating to the beginner but also get you used to proper form. I wasn't exactly sure when the six minutes started because Denise talks a lot, but her ra-ra way of doing things works very well for a body part that many people hate working. I haven't gone through the whole six weeks yet, but this tape allows me to feel like I have done something, and really, being only six minutes, leaves no excuses.

A few bad things: you keep re-using the same part during the week, so you have to cue up the tape each time. And the tape is a bit over-priced.

Joanna C

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