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30 Minute Target Toner

I love the Target Toner! It's 30 minutes long but doesn't feel like it. My only complaint is the semi-mediocre sound quality. The exercises are great, especially the leg ones!

Instructor comments: I have 2 of Denise Austin's tapes, one from the 80's and one from the 90's. I think with age she has matured as an instructor. She is a bit too perky at times, but I enjoy her inspirational words and her workouts seem to not take long at all. I've read the negative comments about her, and I see your points, but for me, Denise Austin is the main person I exercise to. I can't wait to buy more of her videos!

Stephanie Mojica

I first used this video when I was getting back into shape after my first baby was born. During the months that I followed a lost a lot of weight and firmed up almost exclusively by using this simple tape and step aerobics. I think it's a good selection for beginners because the moves build some very basic muscle strength. I now work out with weights and use tapes by Donna Richardson and Kathy Smith, so I have pretty much outgrown this tape. However, I still do a set or two of the leg exercises from this tape everyday.

Beth Crim

I'm not much of a beach person, but the presentation is good and the background doesn't detract from the workout. Loved the video. It's a keeper.

Instructor comments: At one time I felt Denise was too perky, loud, etc. Now I find her motivating and she has matured so much in the last few videos I have. Her form is good and she is much better at cueing. I found this video to be especially good - especially compared with Kathy Smith's 30 Minute Weight Workout tape. Denise has matured and I love her recent videos.

Claudia Pierotti

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