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Yoga Buns

Denise Austin

After reading a few positive comments on this tape in VF, and seeing this for under $10 at Walmart, my curiosity got to me. I do like the tape and it is a keeper for me, but to compare to a tape with a similar title YogaFit YogaButt, this is far beneath it. It was worth the $10 spent though.

Denise does have some good exercises for the "tushy" added in, as she calls it. She'll do a tree pose then add rear leg lifts, that really isn't yoga. Some of the yoga poses she does a twist on them to make them glute exercises, like a balancing T pose she does quickly or table and does it quicker to work the glutes more.

The workout has great music in the beginning, but her voice drowns it out. I wish they had turned it up louder. The workout speeds up towards the end, as if she is in a rush to get in all of the workout within the 1/2 hour time frame. It just ends abruptly & that's it. I think it would have been better if her production company had just edited the video and not rushed her behind the scenes. Overall, despite some minor drawbacks, the bun workout is pretty good. grade B-

Instructor comments: I wish she spoke less, but it wasn't all that bad. She did jumble her words a few times, such as bu-dominals. I wish they would have edited the video.



This was a 30 minute yoga routine with emphasis placed on toning your buns. The time moved quickly because she used a variety of moves, some that I haven't seen before. I have tried many yoga videos, but have never found one that I like enough to do consistently. I am hoping that this video changes that for me. I like the video, but I don't think that it can take the place of the exercises that I am currently doing for this area. I do think that it will be a nice compliment to my current routine. This video does not have a spiritual or relaxing feel to it.

Instructor comments: I like Denise, for the same reasons that many people don't like her. She is perky and chatty but it doesn't bother me. I've been using Denise on and off for more than 10 years. It feels like I am working out with an old friend.



I love this work out. It's tough and I hurt the next day but it's worth it. It incorporates both yoga moves and traditional exercises targeting the buns as well as thighs and abs.

I am not a very fit gung ho person but I do find myself enjoying this workout even when the going gets tough. There are some poses I have yet to figure out let alone master but I feel it in my buns and thighs while doing it and the next day and I know it is targeting the areas I want it to.

It's a relatively fast video to get through with very few props or special effects. Just Denise and her almost whispering, calming tone which she uses with yoga type work outs.

If you want to give your buns a lift and feel it the next day, this is a good choice. Prepare for some tough poses but they are all doable with a little bit of practice.

I rate myself as intermediate and this DVD would be fine for beginners. A few poses require balance but you are always given the choice of a prop to hold onto so you don't topple over. I suggest you use the prop until you are very sure you can balance well without it!!

Instructor comments: Everyone knows Denise! She has been a fitness guru fot years and has ventured into almost every form of exercise including yoga.

Patty Therre

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