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Linda Arkin: Yoga For Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Overall it's a fine video but nothing special. Linda always stretches out the right side much more because she explains everything while stretching this side. So the left side is greatly neglected. And when it's over (45 minutes) I don't feel relaxed or stretched enough.

The music is instrumental and is relaxing. The video "takes place" in a wooded area by a pond which, to me, is the biggest plus. I prefer videos that are outdoors instead of in studios.

I give this video a C. Beginner Level

Instructor comments: Linda Arkin is perfectly pleasant but she gets stale quickly. She explains every pose thoroughly but her cuing can be off. I like it when an instructor cues throughout a pose when your eyes have to be away from the screen (like when you're bent over and calmly swaying back and forth). Often, though, Linda remains quite and before I know it I was supposed to have stood up slowly or do the pose five times instead of remaining in it for a while by the time she speaks again.


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