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Yoga for Strength

I've been doing yoga for eight months or so. I started with Patricia Walden's Yoga Practice for Beginners, moved on to the Yoga Mind & Body by Schiffman/MacGraw, and now I've just done this "Yoga for Strength" tape for the first time. My lower back was sore and stiff the next day, but it was a muscular "well-used" soreness. I just went back to Yoga Practice for Beginners" the day after, and the next day after that I was recovered enough for "Yoga Mind & Body". I won't do "Yoga for Strength" again until I feel totally rested and ready-- perhaps two or three more days-- but I am looking forward to it a lot!

The thing I like best about this video is that Linda herself models the basic poses, and simultaneously a wiry friend (whose name I forget-- but she was very strong) models the advanced poses. You feel adequate doing the same pose that the instructor is doing, but you have plenty to look forward to. This tape won't grow stale for a long time!

I liked the music; simple, pleasantly background, not wierd. And the forest setting is nice.

For this tape, Linda Arkin arranges several sequences with strength moves (she's fond of "Plank Pose") which are done two or three times thru. There was one sequence after twice thru, I told myself "if she does this one a third time, I'm sitting out-- too tired!" but she only did it twice.

I liked this tape so much, I'll be on the lookout for more Linda Arkin tapes.

Instructor comments: I enjoy Linda Arkin's overall style. Although her cueing (as mentioned in another review) is not always on time, she is technically very descriptive and clear, encouraging, soothing, pleasant, and practical, and in my opinion this more than makes up for the occasional miscue. I appreciate her emphasis on spinal alignment!

Helen Wright
25 March 1999

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