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Yoga for Flexibility

Linda Arkin

This is a rather dry yoga tape for someone like me who loves power yoga. I like to have some moderate-intensity yoga tapes around for those times when I need a break or just want some good stretching. This one bored me. Linda Arkin does three sets of yoga stretches and each set is repeated. The last set is repeated twice. A yoga beginner would probably like this quite a bit because she explains the stretches very well. The production is good and it’s shot in an outdoor setting. And the price is right – Linda’s tapes are under $10 on

Annie S.

Linda Arkin offers a nice yoga program consisting of four yoga "sequences" designed to help you stretch and open your body. Prior to the first sequence, she offers some live instruction on breathing and position using her assistant (also named Linda) as a model. Once the sequences begin, Linda switches to voiceover instruction. The first two sequences are performed in a seated position; each is about 10 mintues long, and each contains a series of yoga postures that are performed once all the way through, after which the entire series is repeated. In the the first sequence, you will perform back extensions and simple twists. The second sequence is very similar, but there is more of a focus on rounding versus extending your back.

The third sequence is the longest at about 14 minutes total; again, the entire series is performed and then repeated from the top, but this time, there are a total of three repetitions of the series. This sequence consists of standing poses, including simple triangle, warrior, triangle, side stretch, and eagle. Like in the first two sequences, Linda allows plenty of time to get into each posture, hold, and come out slowly. She performs modified versions of the poses while her assistant (the other Linda) displays more challenging variations.

For the fourth and final sequence, Linda returns to live instruction. This short (4 minutes) section again focuses on breathing during a few basic stretches, ending with relaxation pose. One thing I didn't like about this video was the "take it from the top" sequences, which left me feeling bored at times. In addition, I would've liked a greater emphasis on standing postures rather than the two sequences in a seated position. Overall, however, this practice delivers what it promises in terms of gradually working towards increased flexibility. Also, this is definitely a doable yoga video for beginners.

Instructor comments: Linda Arkin is an older woman with a rather dry, no-nonsense type style. She encourages you to go only as far as your own pace, noting that you will work up to the more advanced versions of the poses.

Beth (aka toaster)

February 9, 2004

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