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Moving Up

This is a beginner/intermediate tape by Kari, and possibly an excellent introduction to Kari's style for those who want to try her but aren't experienced with more complicated choreography.

It starts with some upper body Dynaband toning, and then you move into high/low aerobics. It's fun and Kari's fun, but I like her more complex, higher-intensity tapes better. After the high/low, you do more Dynaband toning for the lower body, and then abs.

The setting is gorgeous -- an atrium with pretty plants and sunshine. And the music is superb. It's instrumental, and I don't know what "type" you would call it, but it's very upbeat and peppy.

I have to give this an A or A+ even if it's not for me. I would recommend it to all beginners and intermediates who want to work up to Kari's more advanced tapes.

Annie S.

Fab music, fab production. Kari's winning spirit will have you believing that life is really worth living to the full. Yes, this is for the dance orientated exerciser which may explain the Voight, Frederich and Firm focus of the site.

Fine if you want to be a fit beautiful statue.

However, this woman can teach you how to move...

Instructor comments: Kari is a class act. Her poise, grace,intelligence, strength and energy directed to inspire the viewer. I have yet to see a more generous instructor on video. She oozes an uplifting charm unique in the genre. If you are a "gypsy" you'll dance again.

Vaughan Thomas

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