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IDEA Excellence in Aerobics

This tape was originally made to help new aerobics instructors learn to teach, but it also contains a 30-minute high/low workout. The workout is very good, but I don't really recommend paying $29.95 just for that. However, if you're wanting to become an instructor, this could be a very good investment for you.

The workout is similar in type to Sweat Express, but much shorter. If you like Sweat Express, and can get this on the exchange (which is what I did), then you will probably be very happy with it. You can use it for short days or to combine with other tapes.

I'm not an instructor, but I really enjoyed listening to and watching Kari give lessons in how to teach. What a pro! One part I was particularly happy to see in there is a section on phrasing and moving to the beat. I read on that certification training doesn't include this, and to me, that is just *so* important!

The tape is 90 minutes and starts with the 30-minute workout. Then there is 60 minutes of Kari talking and demonstrating various things. During the workout, she doesn't talk about teaching -- it's a real workout. I recommend this video to any beginning instructor. And if the price ever comes down from it's current $29.95, I would also recommend it to Kari workout fans.

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Annie S.

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