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Great Moves: HI/LO H.I.T.S.

Kari starts out with an 8 minute low impact warm-up that was fun and easy to follow. I consider this tape to be intermediate for the reason that she does too many marches in place while teaching the steps. After doing CIA's hi/lo segments for the past few weeks, this was a "piece of cake." Kari does all her tried and true moves, including pivot turns, hop turns, and her graceful attitude move. After doing Kari's tapes for years, I actually know what's coming and can flow right through the routine on the first try. She is a genius in putting together dance-like, graceful and flowing combinations. The body of the aerobics was 30 minutes, so I added some step to complete my workout. The music on this tape is outstanding, better than her other Great Moves hi/lo tapes. Time flew by and I had a lot of fun, as usual, since Kari is one of a kind, and never disappoints her fans.

MaryAnn Parker

Elegant, classy Kari serves up a 41-minute routine including about 30 minutes of aerobics. She uses many of the same steps, or variations thereof, from Sweat Express, which is why I call this my "Sweat Express Lite" tape:) Since this was originally designed as a "train the trainer" workout, there's quite a bit of breaking down the moves and marching in place while she talks about how the combinations are built. For those a little more intimidated by complex choreography, or wanting a friendly introduction to Kari's floor work, this is a great tape to get started with.

Maryann Parker said--and I agree that as far as intensity goes, this is more likely to challenge intermediate exercisers than those of us who are more advanced. That's not to say it couldn't work for lower-level advanced folks. You can change the marches to light jogs if you want, or move your furniture out of the way--if you've got the space--to have room to make your moves bigger. Or just save it for a PMS-Slugville type of day:) I personally like to use this one as my "third night" routine after one night of CIA, Energy Sprint, or Sweat Express, then one night of the FIRM. Even when I'm swearing under my breath because I haven't got the steps down pat yet, she's so pleasant and sweet in a non-sacharine sort of way that I still have fun and feel refreshed when the tape's run its course. Not a bad way to end the workout, IMHO:)

Grade: A+ for intermediates. B+ for advanced

Melissa Cooper

YEE-HAW! If this workout doesn't get a couple of whoops out of you, nothing will. There are a couple of songs on this tape that are just so good and so well-suited to the moves, that you might find yourself annoying the neighbors. The second song of the warmup is one that does that to me. I think I let out a whoop more than once doing that one.

This is a high/low workout. I do it as high- impact, but low-impact versions are shown for many of the moves. The intensity and choreography are intermediate/advanced. As with all of Kari's workouts, she first demonstrates the moves in a more basic way, then adds turns, hops, arms, etc.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes high impact. If you like Kari's Sweat Express or her other high/low tapes in the Great Moves series, you'll like this one, too. Grade A+.

Annie S.

This tape is great. She puts together a great couple of combination. She does a very small warm -up(with no stretch) and a small cool down & stretch. She does this so she can fit in more choreography. I like it like that. The moves are fun. Kicks, side kicks, hops and lots of turns. And if you don't know me by now; I LOVE turns. Kari does show the moves without the turns. And don't forget her "attitude" leap - just makes feel like a dancer :) This whole tape is dancy. The intensity is intermed/advanced; if you have the room to move, it would make it more intense. all in all, a super tape. A+

Instructor comments: Kari is her usual - friendly, energetic and creative. She's one of the best instructors out there!


I exchanged this tape because I did not find the moves to be all that "great". I think I am prejudiced against Kari because she has great ballet credentials, but that just didn't come out on this tape. I am a fan of intense classical/jazz/ballet/modern dance type tapes (hard to find) and that's what I expected from a former dancer. Instead, I got classic aerobic moves that can be found on any tape. My first intro to Kari was Angles, Lines & Curves, and I think that work-out fit her like a glove. Graceful, calm, relaxing. I just can't buy her doing "funk" aerobics. I think she looked a tad goofy doing it. I KNOW she's a great dancer and I wish she would make a tape that shows it. This is the only aerobic tape I have of hers, so maybe she has made a tape like this.

Wonderful! Although I did not like her material in this tape, she is a sweet, caring and intelligent instructor.

Jamila Moran

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