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Great Moves GM202 Int/Advanced Step

This was actually designed to teach instructors new ideas for choreography, but it's a "regular" workout, so anyone can do it. And it's great! It's fun and you sweat a lot, especially when you're learning the "double squat - three lunges over the top" combo. While the combinations are challenging, they're not frustrating or overly dancy. I really enjoy doing this.

The entire workout is 41 minutes including a warm-up and brief cool-down. There are no stretches -- you're supposed to do them on your own. My only criticism of this workout is that I'd like to see stretches added. Since it's only 41 minutes long, there is ample time to add some.

I give this an A -- however, I forgot to mention that this is for intermediate and advanced. If you're a beginner, wait awhile before getting this one.

Annie S.

I really enjoy this video. Kari begins with a few instructional comments and then a brief warm up, without any stretches. The first section is pretty basic choreography with some variations (turns and pivots) for added intensity. It adds some repeaters with a hop turn in between. The intensity increases as the tape moves along with squats, across the top and triple lunges (I had to rewind a couple of times to get the lunges down). I thought this was the most intense combination -- really making you sweat.

I would like some stretches in the tape. That is the only problem I found with this video.

This is a fun and challenging tape for an intermediate exerciser. Kari's cueing is excellent and I look forward to the next time I do this tape.

It is a definite A

Instructor comments: Great cueing!


This video is only 45 minutes total; including short warm-up(no stretch) and short cool down. Kari encourages you to do more on your own. The intensity and footwork is intermed/advanced. I was able to get all the moves the first run through; rewinding once or twice. For some reason, I have a harder time learning Kari's hi/lo than I do with her step tapes.And this tape is fun. The music helps to make the video; it's many of the good tunes that you hear on the CIA videos. She only does a few moves with your back to the TV, but her good cueing helps you with that. Final grade: A

Instructor comments: Kari (IMO), is one super choreographer. She trained with The Joffrey Ballet and that's where all the *dancy* moves originate. She's very enthusiastic and you can tell she's having fun and wants to pass this on to others. She is one of the reasons why I now enjoy hi/lo routines.


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