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Comments About Kari Anderson

Comments about Kari

  • B.A. in Exercise Science and Communications
  • AFAA and ACE certified
  • Trained with the Joffrey Ballet
  • owner of Pro-Robics clubs in Seattle, WA
  • 1993 IDEA Fitness Business Person of the Year
  • 1994 IDEA Instructor of the Year

Kari is probably the video instructor I'd most like to meet. She just seems so genuine--a born teacher and communicator. She seems to have an unusually close rapport with the class participants on her videos. Kari has a great sense of humor which really shines through in most of her tapes. It's very hard to describe Kari's style--her choreography is definitely dancier than any other instructor I've ever tried. She's a former dancer, and although her form is excellent, she is so much more loose and relaxed in her style than other instructors that she makes even complex combinations look effortless. Sometimes I think she must be made of rubber or something because of the way she can move. When I manage to imitate her style, I feel that I'm really expressing the music and become very relaxed and refreshed to boot.

Kari does a better job than any other instructor I've seen at matching choreography to music--you always feel as if she created a combination for that piece of music only. She builds her long combinations gradually, and her cuing is excellent, but her steps are more complex and dancy than most videos and it takes a while to learn her tapes. I would warn those people who get frustrated with complex choreography that Kari's tapes might not be good choices for them. "Fitness Formula" is less dancy, so the curious might want to start with that one.

Wendy Niemi Kremer

Kari's trademark is coming up with creative, dancy and often complex combinations, yet she makes them look so easy that you can't help but give them a shot, even if, like me, you have two left feet. "Two the Max" was the first non-beginners video I tried, and it must have taken me at least ten tries to finish it, but Kari's enthusiasm and funky music kept me hangin' in there. "Fitness Formula" is my favorite of all the 30-plus videos I have; it's not the hardest, but I just keep going back to it like a favorite album. Kari and her productions are professional to the max, and unlike many instructors, she doesn't skimp on the warm-ups or cool-downs. She is also the most visually pleasing instructor; just watching her graceful, ballet-like body in motion makes exercising less of a chore and more of an inspiration.

Sue Bryant

Kari Anderson is one of the best video instructors. Her choreography is complex at times but she cues so well that the exerciser feel like a dancer. Her movements are so fluid. She teaches in a low key manner and treats her viewers as adults. She doesn't make idiotic comments or shout.

Rebecca S.

Great instructor. Kari Anderson is very easy to follow and also good at motivating you. Her choreography is always fun and interesting. Kari is one of my all-time favorite instructors. I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything she came out with. She's so much fun, and excellent at teaching complicated choreography.

Annie S.

Kari Anderson is a lean, athletic instructor and one of the best video instructors out there.

Maryann Parker

As an instructor, my opinion is that Kari Anderson in one of the best in the industry. Her cueing is excellent, her style is unique, and her choreography is extremely creative. When I started teaching aerobics (almost three years ago), I bought her videos (Bench Works, Sweat Express, Two The Max, and Learn to Teach Aerobics) because I thought her cueing was impeccable, she made everything look easy, and her style was very likeable (unlike some instructors that get on my nerves after a few minutes). Her workouts are definitely for people who are looking for something different and challenging.

Gina Adams

The only word for Kari is awesome. I have so much respect for her creativity, enthusiasm, and professionalism -- not to mention her excellence in cueing and teaching. Kari Anderson is maybe the most creative instructor out there. Her choreography is always fun and challenging without being too dancy or difficult to learn. What is there for me to say about Kari that hasn't already been said? She's just great - period!

Annie S.

Kari's cuing is excellent, and she isencouraging and enthusiastic without being unbearably perky. Her choreography is creative and flows nicely.

Elaine C.

I love her! A great dancer, a great mover, I'd hang out with her.

Abby N

Kari is an excellent instructor. She is enthusiastic and cheerful without being cheesy and irritating. She has great rhythm and grace and doesn't do the same moves over and over again.

Jamie Rinaldi

Kari Anderson always seem like a "normal person" that has a lot of fun doing what she does.

Jen Blaske

Kari is just one of the many wonderful instructors I've read about first here at VF (thanks again, Wendy and fellow readers!) When I first read the reviews by other folks, I thought to myself, "gosh, maybe in five years I can try one of her tapes." After getting a couple of her tapes via the Exchange, I'm happy to say that her work is not nearly as difficult to master as I'd feared! Granted, it's not something I can sail through after the first few times, but Kari is such a motivating presence that I keep hanging in there until I get it. As many folks here have written, Kari is just plain good--creativity, competence, distinctive style, and a supple body that is a joy to watch and try to emulate. She's also a crackerjack teacher--certainly deserving of the accolades given by both her fitness industry peers and the toughest customers of all, the readers here at VF :) More than any instructor I've seen on video, except for maybe Donna Richardson, Kari comes across as very unintimidating and down-to-earth. As editor Wendy put it in a review for Go, Girl!, you get the feeling that when she finishes production on a video, that she'd probably treat everyone involved to beer or a barbecue at her house. When I grow up, I want to be just like Kari. . .:) While her get-up and makeup on Sweat Express sometimes border on tacky, she exudes an inner grace and class that is unparalleled by any other instructor out there. This is a woman who can "walk with kings and yet keep the common touch."

Melissa Cooper

Kari is a friendly, dynamic instructor and a creative choreographer. She can make the most basic steps feel new and different with her graceful style and personal flair. I only wish I could move half as beautifully when I teach my own classes!

Roberta Kagno

I really like Kari's style of teaching. She cues clearly and goes over the moves a few times to really catch onto the moves.


Instructor comments: Kari Anderson is my favorite instructor. She seems to be having such a good time, and her enthusiastic comments seem very natural and spontaneous, and not annoying at all. She is a natural dancer, and I love watching her. No way can I move the way she does, but she inspires me, and I like to pretend I look like her as I workout.

Mary Truscott

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