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Joyce Vedral--Now or Never

Joyce starts off with a motivational chapter on why we should weight train. She suggests a split routine and pyramiding weights on each set. There is a gym and home workout.

Set 1: 12-15 reps Set 2: 8-10, Set 3: 6-8 reps. Home exercisers will need dumbells 5-25 LBS, barbells and weight plates, a bench and ankleweights. Joyce suggests aerobics for additional fat loss. Some of the exercises are pullovers, flyes, squats, rows and deadlifts.

There is before and after photos of women weight trainers. There is a useful nutritional info. The last chapter is how to bomb trouble some body parts by training to failure, cheating, forced reps, burns, and additional sets. Published in 1986 but still one of the better written books on weight training around.

Katarina Spies

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