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Joyce Vedral--Fat Burning Workout

I saw more results with this book in two months than 2 years at the gym. It is very clearly written and inspiring. Joyce Vedral adapts the training techniques used by bodybuilders in the last few weeks before competition to lose fat but maintain and even build muscle.

I saw a huge improvement in my definition and I lost bodyfat, even without a strict adherence to her diet (she includes a lowfat, sensible plan). I also added her suggested extra aerobics although this weight training plan is aerobic in nature.

I generally prefer video workouts to books because of their inherent inspiration and sense of "comraderie", and I'll admit this book lay around for months before I gave it a try. Now I'm kicking myself because it's so very effective.

Pat Milton (Ms.)

Joyce Vedral has written a number of beginner's weight training books, and they tend to be fairly good. She identifies the main muscles, introduces the terminology and main concepts of weight training, and encourages home exercise. Her routines cover the main muscle groups, and tend to emphasize basic exercises (squats, bench press, etc). She also discusses diet, scheduling and motivation. For these reasons, I think her books are perfect for beginners.

My criticisms are as follows: (i) I do not believe that her workouts are truly fat-burning. I think the use of the term is misleading. (ii) the weights she suggests are rather low - it would be better if she suggested raising weights (over time) to continue progress. (iii) Vedral has no real fitness credentials. Her PhD is in English. (iv) She keeps coming out with new books every year or so that basically re-package the same workouts. (v) the time she suggests it will take to complete her routines is a bit short.

Overall, I think Joyce Vedral's books are good for the basics, and for motivation. I suspect she can be credited with bringing a lot of women to weight training, and that is great. I would give her books a "B". Most public libraries seem to have her books, and this is a good way to check them out.

07 Apr 98

I found the book VERY effective, when used properly. The workout Is a fat-burner because of the quick successions of the exercises, and she also includes a sound eating plan, as well as recommending an increase in weights used and number of exercises as you progress at your own pace. She comes across as very human and motivational. As I became close to my goal, I had a few questions and concerns so I wrote to her address as stated in the back of her book. I received a clear, helpful & supportive response from Ms. Vedral. This workout, for me, is an Ace in the hole!

Jennifer Edmister

I love my strength videos and I love working out at the gym but I also wanted to develop my own routine for at home. This book is great. Although it is geared to those looking to lose fat, there are many ways to tailor it to your own needs without having to change too much. There are 3 different programs to choose from depending on what your goals are. I'm so glad I bought this book, it was definately worth the money. I was "pleasantly" sore the next day from the workout I chose. I'm really looking forward to doing it again.

Instructor comments: Looks like she's in fantastic shape for her 50+ years.


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