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Joyce Vedral

This is one of Joyce's newer books. It is in the typical Joyce format-Joyce introduces herself and discusses how she became interested in weight training. She offers motivational techniques to help you stick with a workout program, then discusses the program, aerobic options, and then has a large section that contains the workout illustrated with photos so you can see what you will need to do.

She also discusses the muscles you'll be working, and includes a section on diet.

In this book Joyce includes 4 before and after "case studies" and has a chart that illustrates all of the exercises in the back of the book that you can tear out and hang up for reference.

The book is typical Joyce. Well written, with clear instruction and lots of encouragement! Her section on diet is sensible-eat lots of vegetables, keep fat intake down, and make sure to eat some protein.

Now for the workout itself. I'm only going to talk about the upper body portion of the workout because that's all I do. (My lower body has never been a problem-only my upper)

I have been trying to develop serious upper body muscle definition for a couple of years. Gaining muscle is not my problem-I bulk up really fast, and my arms, although strong, have always looked big-not shapely. This workout has really made a difference in my upper body-my arms are finally starting to have "curves."

Joyce advises beginning the workout with 1,2, and 3 pound dumbells. However, I think that if you have been doing strength training and are fairly strong you could start with 3, 5, and 8 pounds. I started with 5, 8, and 10 pounds-and those of you who do MIS with a 35 pound barbell (for the upper body section) could probably handle those weights fairly easily as well.

Definition utilizes the true pyramid system. For example, when working your chest you do:

12 reps of exercise 1 with weight #1, then 12 reps of exercise 2 with weight #1.

No rest.

10 reps of exercise 1 with weight #2, then 10 reps of exercse 2 with weight #2.

No rest.

8 reps of exercise 1 with weight #3, then 8 reps of exercise 2 with weight #3.

No rest.

10 reps of exercise 1 with weight #2, then 10 reps of exercise 2 with weight #2.

No rest.

12 reps of exercise 1 with weight #1, then 12 reps of exercise 2 with weight #1.

15-30 second rest, then on to the next body part! In addition, Joyce offers you the option of using two twin sets of exercises per body part! That makes the workout very intense and very through.

As you can see, the workout is very high-rep. You won't build very much muscle with this workout-but you will get some serious shape. (Which is what I've been looking for!)

I actually feel this workout the next day-and it's been a long time since my upper body was sore from a workout!

I can't say enough good things about this book. If you want to shape your muscles and not add a lot of size, take a look at the workout in this book. It really works!


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