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Kathy Smith Fitness Makeover

In this book you get a 10 week exercise diary that you record your toning and cardio sessions.Each week has 3 toning and 7 cardio pages.You also record eating habits.Each week there is a emphasis on a certain body part and nutrient.EG WK1 fat @abs WK2 calories@butt WK3 calcium chest.There are 12 toning exercises worked in a whole body sessions,a few are push-ups, curls, french press.This book is for beginners,nothing outstanding in this book. I expected a more informative book from Kathy.I rate it 6/10.

Katarina Spies


This book gave some good information about nutrition. Each chapter focused on a different aspect of food (calories, fat, protein, etc.) and a different muscle. Then you would record everything yu ate and the exercises you did. It promised that in 10 weeks, you would be fitter. Well, I recorded everyting for about 6 weeks until I gave up. I think it's informative and great if you think you'll record everything, but if not, forget it.

Lisa Y.


This book would be ideal for someone who is looking to reform their eating/exercise habits and has no idea where to start. It includes a 10-week food/exercise diary. Each week, Kathy focuses on a different body part and aspect of eating; for example week 1 is fat and abs, week 8 is water and triceps. She explains why it benefits you to work your abs and eat less fat. And she gives you easy ways to measure your accomplishments. I always knew that you should shoot for 20-30 percent of your daily calories to be fat, but before I read this book I never knew exactly how many grams of fat daily were appropriate for someone my size. The exercise portion of the book would be good for a beginner. I can't say this book completely changed my eating habits _ french fries will probably have to be legally abolished before that happens _ but it did instill some habits that stay with me two years later-such as drinking water, eating more fruits and making sure to get enough daily calcium. Good book.

Stephanie Waite


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